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ONTD Dicaprio's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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Leo + Cigar+ Ice Cream [03 Sep 2010|11:32am]


It’s old school – Leonardo DiCaprio was in Vancouver yesterday with Tobey Maguire and Lukas Haas who is working on Red Riding Hood (starring Amanda Seyfried), a film that Leo’s company is producing. These are the OGs, they’ve been friends for almost 20 years, maybe more, and it looks like a trip without the ladies, an afternoon of ice cream and cigars, and a camera to commemorate the occasion – why do I love that it’s hanging off Leo’s shoulder?

More pics at the source

the hair you guys...:3
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105 Inception Icons [24 Aug 2010|11:55am]


See them all @ cheroots
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Leo's Dreams [29 Jul 2010|08:11pm]


The actor can currently be seen in Inception, about a world where people can steal ideas from other people’s dreams. Leonardo has previously said he rarely has night visions himself, but when he does they tend to be abstract.

He has now revealed he is plagued by the same nightmare, and thinks it might be fuelled by his lifestyle. Leonardo is private and likes to keep his personal life to himself, so spends a great deal of time dodging photographers. “I rarely remember my dreams but I have had some recently where I was being attacked by some sort of creatures and I was able to repel them with the very large hands that I had,” he recalled. “It felt like it was an analogy for the way I deal with the paparazzi.

Leonardo has previously revealed he had unnerving nightmares about mass murder when he quit smoking. He thinks they were caused by nicotine patches, and eventually decided to stop using them because they got so bad.

The star wishes he could make himself have more imaginings when he is asleep, explaining he loves it when he has an adventure while resting. “I would like to dream more because I like dreams. The kind of dreams I really like are the ones where you realise you’re dreaming and you’re able to say to yourself, ‘OK, I’m dreaming, so I can do whatever the hell I want right now. Hey, let’s try this!’ That’s a good dream,” he said.

Source; here
ooo interesting
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LEO GIFs (INCEPTION) [27 Jul 2010|03:01am]


Hi~~ I made some gifs of Cobb&Mal :)

more gifs (spoiler?)Collapse )more gifs (spoiler?)Collapse )
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So... Leo got attacked in a restroom. [26 Jul 2010|01:04am]

[ mood | angry ]


"Wut?", you ask? Well, I'm not making this up.

Scary stuff awaits you.Collapse )


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POPPING THE COMM CHERRY. [23 Jul 2010|12:44am]

WELCOME TO ontd_dicaprio!!

I'd like to thank you for joining and hope you enjoy the community. Your Dicaprio team are: mjfan4lyfe, thisgirlownsmlb (mods) and myself (admin)! Any questions or concerns about the comm/trolls should be PMed to us.

RULES (you knew these were coming)

- No trolling, you'll be banned.
- Articles should be sourced.
- Use cut tags for large pictures/youtubes. Not everyone has a fast connection so it might freeze some laptops/computers.
- No individual news about Bar or whoever he might date. Unless he's in the pictures/she talks about him, we don't wanna see it.
- Promote the comm the best you can.
- Post, post, post, and have fun!
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